Photos by kids

Makayla Hayes, 14, won the international grand prize in the 2011 National Geographic Kids photo contest for this



Judges sifted through more than 12,000 images submitted by kids in the United States and Canada, Bulgaria, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, Lithuania, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Winners were chosen from each region, but the international grand prize went to 14-year-old Makayla Hayes of Marion, Illinois, for her eerie underwater self-portrait.





                                         Courtney Bardwell, 14, United States

                                                    Viktorija Ruta, 11, Lithuania

                                                Chase Guttman, 15, United States

                                            Peter Keöves, 12, Hungary

                    Gabriela Emilova Penkova, 12, Bulgaria

                                            Radvilė Dilytė, 12, Lithuania

                     Austėja Azguridytė, 13, Lithuania

                         Lara Pučko, 13, of Slovenia

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