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Zodiac Symbol Cancer the Crab

It’s true some of us resemble the nocturnal water creature you may spot walking sideways along the beach in any tropical region. Walking sideways, though effective is the true crabs indirect non aggressive approach. The reminder that in life, not all paths are meant to be direct. Equipped with a tough exterior meant to guard inner feelings and soft hearts. One should never underestimate whats hidden underneath of that shell! Claws that are provided to hold on and to never let go.

Influenced by the moon, the moon maiden frequently takes the dreamiest trips amongst the stars and basks in that calm shimmery silver glow. These souls are drawn  to water and moonlight, a true night owl, loving the quiet stillness and mystery of the night. Native Americans believed water was the symbol for life, the moon being the symbolic soul mate to water.

Moods also are said to have a lunar influence and changes with the moon. Its that same magical magnetic force that controls the tides of the ocean. The tides, being in itself, a complex phenomenon.

Very emotional, highly intuitive, possessing a strong insight into peoples minds. Independent, born to take on responsibility, to lead, and to not be led. Yet old-fashioned and modest thriving in the sacred security of marriage, devoted to maternal duties, since home is truly where the heart is.

Resilient, patient, creative minded, generous, often mysterious.

Intense and not easily recognized at the surface. Life can never stand still for those that have internal emotions equal to the oceans depths.

The complex patterns of the crab, the beautiful grace of the moon maiden, that’s my zodiac sign, That’s me! ©KelTrustsnoone


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